Feb 14, 2017

Interest Rates on Short Term Loans

The easiest way to compare the different conditions that most banks use when it comes to short term loans is to compare the interest rate that Cash Kitty offers. We all know that the lower the interest rate, the more favorable the loan is. And that is exactly what we offer to our clients. Our low interest rate is one of the reasons to make a decision to use our short term loans. This will give you an opportunity to do all the things that you always wanted to do but you did not have enough money. There are no other hidden costs when you use the services of Cash Kitty. Unlike banks that will charge you for every process they perform, here you are the one who decides about how high the interest rate will be.

The short term loans offered by Cash Kitty have very precise conditions that satisfy the needs of the customers allowing them to give us the money back within a year.

Cash Kitty will never make a change in the terms or conditions of the loan, without talking to you first. But there are ways that these conditions must be changed only when there is an agreement between the two parties. It should be noted that the contract about short term loans you will get from Cash Kitty provides early repayment of the loan which means that you are allowed to return the money sooner than agreed. What will happen then? After that, Cash Kitty will calculate the regular interest rate taking the changes in consideration and reducing the amount of money you need to pay in a form of an interest rate. But no one really forces you to do that. You can repay the money on the agreed date. The decision is up to you.

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